100videos (100videos) wrote,

#48: "Thursday's Child," David Bowie

Rank: 48
Artist: David Bowie
Title: Thursday's Child
Director: Walter Stern
Year: 1999

This has to be the most intimate video I've ever seen. David Bowie and director Walter Stern, who has such a beautiful touch with such things, have the courage to allow us witness to one of those quiet moments everyone has, but no one from the outside ever sees. It's a few moments before bedtime for a long-married couple, standing together in front of the bathroom mirror, washing up. Such a common, universal moment, but it's one that we're never shown on the screen; I think it may be the only time I've ever watched someone on TV rinsing their contact lenses. So that alone is quietly radical, but Stern then does something amazing: he shows us all of that moment, right down to the man's inner dialogue, the sorts of introspection we all have when the hour grows late and we slow down enough to let our minds wander. And out of this simple setting, this simple moment, with the simplest of images, we tumble into a story of memory and aging and change and regret and love both old and new, before being allowed to drift, along with our average hero, back to the here and now. I don't think this video will ever stop taking my breath away.

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